It’s only human to want to seek one’s own truth!

My world and my truth can of course only be applied to me, and I admit it’s absurd to believe that the world can be described objectively. But I don’t suppose anyone, given the chance, wouldn’t like to try and give the world a nudge in the direction which he, or she, considers the right one.

I view myself as both a craftsman and an artist, and I regard both concepts with equal seriousness. However, because I experience the artistic drive as an inner necessity, art has become a condition of my life which I must accept, along with all its expenses and gifts.

When the so-called studio glass movement began, I chose at an early point an artistic exile. I had to look inward to find substance, because I couldn’t find agreement between my own notions of art and that which the established studio glass art stood for.

Many new paths were trodden during what in the 1970’s was called the studio glass movement, and at the time it was all virgin territory. In the context of this infrastructural metaphor, I regard myself as a snake in the grass – seeking out the apple of knowledge in order to throw it at you!